GCAP 2010 – Day 1 Diary

GCAP 2010

GCAP 2010

Today was the first day of GCAP 10 – that’s Game Connect Asia Pacific for you playing at home – and the event’s off to a flying start. We flew up from Adelaide to check out the action, and had more than a little trouble trying to choose what to do first!

We caught up with people from Sidhe (which we can confirm is in fact pronounced “She“), some nice folks from Microsoft who are here to chat about both Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7, and Jay Wilbur, Vice President of Business Development at Epic Games. We also had a chat with an awesome lady who worked with Double Fine on Brutal Legend, one of the guys from Fruit Ninja dev Halfbrick Studios, and spent a bit of time with representatives from Holopoint, Team Bondi, 2K Australia and Aurora Feint.

Of course we brought the video camera, and we’re planning some extra-special stuff for upcoming playerattack News – plenty of interviews and snippets of conversation coming your way.

Tomorrow, it’s more of the same! We’re planning on catching up with Microsoft in some more detail, have a proper conversation with Mario from Sidhe, and hopefully find out a bit more about what Double Fine are up to, these days (in addition to being awesome). If things go according to plan, there might even be some more independent content lined up – and a bit of a peek into the mind of Tony Reed, GDAA president and the brains behind this year’s event.

Oh – and to ice an already fabulous gaming-centric end-of-week, rumour has it we’re checking out Duke Nukem Forever on Saturday at the Mana Bar in Brisbane. If you’re in town, you should drop in! The power of Duke compels you!

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