Dota 2 is coming

After months and months of rumours, it’s finally been confirmed – Valve and IceFrog are working together on Dota 2 (observe: officially, no more capital A).

It’s being developed simultaneously for both PC and Mac, with an expected release date sometime in 2011. The sequel to one of the most successful mods of all time (actually, one of the most-played games in the world), Dota 2 will continue the original’s unique blend of online RTS and RPG action – and expand on it, hopefully garnering similar numbers of fans.

The original DotA was a mod for Warcraft III, called Defense of the Ancients. Gamers control a single hero, levelling up and collecting gold. These heroes are then used to defeat the AI’s armies, which spawn continually and rush the enemy’s base.

For all the information on the new Dota 2, head to GameInformer – they’ve got more stuff than you can poke a stick at.

Dota 2

Ooh, shiny!

Now – I know he’s made a move into mainstream music these days, but I do wonder if this new announcement will prompt a second gaming-related record from Basshunter, who penned the classic “Vi sitter i ventrilo och spelar DotA“. Of course, things are a bit different this time around, the game has integrated voice chat, so – obviously – there goes half the song.

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