Jaffe wants a 'surrender' button in Medal of Honor

David Jaffe

David Jaffe

Those who thought the controversy surrounding Medal of Honor would dissipate following the developers’ decision to rename the “Taliban” enemy forces to the “Opposing Force” were wrong. It seems the inclusion of a side fighting against American forces is still something that will divide the gaming community – even those who have seemed more than happy to mow down innocent civilians in their own games in the past.

David Jaffe, director of violent games like God of War and the Twisted Metal series, picked up a copy of EA‘s newest war-simulator about eight hours ago, and is now voicing his opinions via Twitter.

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Interesting. Just tried MOH MP and they spawned me as Talban and I simply could not play. I would not shoot. Wanted a surrender button.

I shit you not. The power of interactive. Granted, 99% of the power stems from real world events that I bring to the game, but it’s a start.

Totally serious. Why would I want to play as the Taliban killing American soldiers? I just didn’t want to do it. Am I a pussy?!?! 🙂

…I’m not trying to blow smoke up the game’s ass- like I said, 99% of the power is coming from real world knowledge I bring into the game so I’m not here all like ‘interactivity is so fucking emotional!’ Just stating my reaction.

When asked about the inevitable comparison to the “No Russian” mission in Modern Warfare 2, Jaffe replied that he was “not sure” why this new game affected him more. He went on to explain that he was impressed “No Russian”, but that he “didn’t care” about mowing the peeps down – in fact he “wanted to see what kind of death animations they had”.

I’d imagine that Jaffe is not alone in this “gut reaction” to the game (which, by the way, it seems he’s a fan of – despite this hiccup). In his eyes, it’s not a matter of censorship: “I’d support a game where u play as Hitler.” – but there’s an element of personal belief that comes into it too. Reading between the lines a little, it seems there is also – potentially – an aspect of “too soon”.

I think the game should 100% exist and they SHOULD be Taliban BUT I also think that because there is an ongoing conflict RIGHT NOW and innocents on both side are dying as well as soldiers, it’s something I do not want to role play with other live people. It just felt strange to me.

I assure you, I don’t over think this sort of stuff. I tend 2 think gaming’s claims of the power of interactivity is- in general- hyperbolic bullshit. That’s why I posted- this was a unique experience 5 me. (sic)

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