Anamanaguchi bring chiptunes to Rock Band


Airbrushed, by Paul Robertson

Rock Band is set to receive a whole lot of geek cred, through the addition of a single song: Airbrushed, by Anamanaguchi.

The US four-piece, who gave us the glorious soundtracks for both Bit.Trip Runner and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game will be the first chiptune act to appear in the music-simulator program, when they pop up with Airbrushed in early 2011.

Here’s the song, as performed live at PAX East earlier this year – if you like what you hear (or just want to get into the groove a little earlier than the song’s official Rock Band release), then head to the band’s website, where it’s the first of their “Summer Singles” available for stream or free download (you may need to click ‘Previous’ to find it).

…and if the artwork looks familiar, we have pixel art genius Paul Robertson to thank for that – he’s the guy who did the animated art for Scott Pilgrim as well.

The song must first be processed by RockGamer Studios, who convert audio recordings into Rock Band tablature. We hear that they’re working on making the music available for Rock Band 2, although you will be able to use the Rock Band 3 Pro instruments – including the new keyboard / keytar, of course! – but we’re not sure if you’ll get your very own plastic NES so you can play along properly

This Article is featured in the 9 Oct, 2010 episode of playerattack News:

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