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BlizzCon 2010 is getting closer and closer, and we’re getting more and more excited. With just over two weeks to go before the event kicks off in Anaheim, California, the official event schedule has just been released, and we’ve just heard that the first bunch of ticket barcode emails has been sent out to lucky fans. These barcodes are – literally – your key to BlizzCon 2010 – so print ’em out, keep ’em safe, and make sure you save the email just in case.


BlizzCon 2010

I was actually thinking just last night that it must be about time that we heard something – anything – about BlizzCon, because everybody’s been keeping remarkably quiet about the whole thing. We haven’t been told anything about the Saturday night musical act (if there even is one, this year), Blizzard have already said that StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will not be on display, and the Cataclysm release date was released a few days ago. What’s left?

BlizzCon 2010 - StarCraft in-game Murloc Marine


By the looks of things, plenty. The official schedule doesn’t look like it’s hiding too many secrets – but we’ve been caught out before.

There are three panels on Diablo III – “Crafting Sanctuary”, an Open Q&A and the inevitable Gameplay, which looks especially promising as it’s right after the Opening Ceremony (that’s where all the big announcements take place, don’tcha know).

StarCraft II gets a bit more time – a look at Cinematics, “Secrets of the Masters”, a closer focus on Custom Maps and the in-game Editor, a story-based Q&A session, an Art panel and a Multiplayer discussion.

The third big franchise, World of Warcraft looks at Dungeons & Raids, Quests and Lore, two Q&As (one open, one specifically for Classes), a panel about Art and a special reveal of the Cataclysm cinematics.

As always, there’s heaps of pro-gaming matches going on around the place, culminating in the grand finals for both World of Warcraft and StarCraft II held Saturday afternoon. It’s interesting to note that the original StarCraft seems to have been completely dropped from the tournament roster – sorry for everybody living in the past!

BlizzCon 2010 World of Warcraft in-game item


While we’re still not quite sure what will happen on Saturday night (previous BlizzCons have featured [surl=http://www.videogameslive.com/]Video Games Live[/surl], [surl=http://www.offspring.com/]Offspring[/surl] (no, seriously), and last year’s highlight, [surl=http://www.ozzy.com/]Ozzy Osbourne[/surl]), Friday night is guaranteed to be good for a chuckle – it’s time for the Costume, Song, Dance and Sound-a-like contests!

So – if you’re headed to South California for the 22nd and 23rd, here’s how you’ll be spending your time. (Same applies if you’re forking out for the Pay-Per-View version, of course.) Why not take a few moments to read our handy-dandy BlizzCon Survival Guide, so you know what’s in store?

playerattack will be in attendance, running around with a video camera and a dictaphone, so we should have plenty of coverage for you. We can’t promise it’ll be just like being there, but it’ll be fun anyway, I promise!

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