Duke Nukem Forever heads Down Under

Until recently, we all thought that Duke Nukem Forever was dead – but a brief appearance at PAX blew that idea out of the water. Now, we find out now only is DNF very much alive, it’s also heading Down Under, to make a one-off appearance at Brisbane’s Mana Bar – in just three weeks!

Duke Nukem Forever at the Mana Bar


It wouldn’t be a Mana Bar event without Yahtzee Croshaw, who will be on-hand as MC of the Q&A session with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, who will be there to present the game to an adoring public.

So – if you’re going to be anywhere near Brisbane on Saturday, October 16th, you’ve now got your itinerary planned: Duke Nukem Forever will be on all five screens for twelve hours, from midday to midnight – even with the inevitable gamer hordes, that’s still plenty of time to get your game on.

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