Dead Rising 2 buried in United Arab Emirates

Gamers in the United Arab Emirates are being denied their fix of zombies, as Dead Rising 2 has joined the ever-growing list of games banned in the region.

Dead Rising 2

In Dubai, he'll have to go hungry.

It’s in good company, nestled in alongside Mafia II, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Red Dead Redemption as other games refused entry. Just like last time, we’re not being told why the game’s been blocked – but the local Capcom distributor, Pluto Games suggests that it has something to do with “violence, gambling and nudity”. We’re guessing the alcohol that’s consumed throughout the game probably affected the decision, too.

Pluto Games have officially stated that they are trying to get the game unbanned, but that any overturn of the decision “looks unlikely” at this stage. Boo.

(In case you’re curious, the game has already been granted an MA15+ rating in Australia, another area notoriously swift to ban inappropriate content.)

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