Pure Pwnage comes to Australian tv

Cult Canadian internet sensation Pure Pwnage has secured a broadcast deal with Australia’s ABC, meaning the eight-part made-for-tv mockumentary will hit screens Down Under starting in October.

Jeremy from Pure Pwnage

Jeremy from Pure Pwnage

The series follows the life of 26-year old Jeremy “the_pwnerer” (played by Jarett Cale). He’s the world’s greatest video gamer (or maybe just the most obsessed), don’tcha know.

While it’s an impressive skillset, it doesn’t pay the bills, and Jeremy’s mother has given him an ultimatum: get a job, or get out of the basement. 

The problem is that Jeremy, while obviously gifted (you should see him at Tetris), is a child of the internet, with absolutely no idea how to interact with the world away from the console.

His brother Kyle (Geoff Lapaire), an aspiring film director, is inspired to create a documentary of his achievements – and the result is Pure Pwnage

Will Jeremy remain world champion, even if he has nowhere to live? How will that new hot girl affect his plans? We’ll find out Monday October 4th at 9:05pm, on Australia’s ABC.

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