C&C3 Mod: The Forgotten fills in the blanks

You weren’t alone in thinking that Command & Conquer 4 kinda jumped a few chapters in the giant book of Tiberium-flavoured lore. A bunch of indie developers thought so too, and have poured their time and energy into creating The Forgotten, a mod for Command & Conquer 3 which fills the gaps in the storyline to better give you that sense of satisfaction.

The Forgotten is set during the Third Tiberium War, focussing on a motley crew of lost souls. They’ve been horribly disfigured by Tiberium-based illnesses, but their determination, resourcefulness and “shared anger” make them a serious threat to the superpowers currently battling over their world. We first met them in Tiberian Sun and its expansion Firestorm, but they were ignored pretty swiftly after that for reasons unknown.

That is, until now.

The mod itself is 863MB and freely downloadable, packed with new full-motion HD video cutscenes (produced in conjunction with Broken Wall Films), a unique collection of units and structures and five additional battlefields for online / skirmish play on top of an all-new, immersive campaign.

It’s taken three years to get to this point, with more than 38 developers involved (and 40-odd testers!), and from what I’ve seen, this is something special – a real return to form for Command & Conquer.

The Forgotten Features:

  • An entirely new faction, complete with 20 new units, 20 new structures, and 8 new upgrades
  • Devastating new support powers and superweapons, such as the Ion Tempest, Tiberium Vein Monster, and map-spanning tunnels
  • A full narrative-driven campaign, with challenging missions and high definition full motion videos
  • The return of Tiberium life, with Tiberium Fiends, Visceroids, classic pod Tiberium, and the Tiberium Vein Monster
  • The return of classic C&C units such as the Tick Tank, Disc Thrower, and Hunter-Seeker Drone
  • Five additional skirmish and multiplayer battlefields
  • A revamped audio focus, with a brand new soundtrack and new voices for Forgotten units
  • A classic, C&C-style installer complete with a video introduction to the mod
  • A complete backstory told through “story artifacts” included with the mod
  • A full 32-page color manual to acclimate you to the world of The Forgotten and adjustable difficulty levels for novice and veteran players alike

So – what are you waiting for? The future is to be invented! Download now! (…while you’re waiting, why not peruse the screenshot archive, so you know what you’re getting yourself in for?)

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