Get invited: Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program

Major Nelson from Xbox has just announced they will be running the Xbox 360 System Update Preview Program in the leadup to their next release.

While the program will be invite-only, Microsoft are asking anyone who’s interested to drop them a line – you might be among the first in the world to check out ESPN on Xbox LIVE, new updates to Zune video, Zune music, Netflix search, Family Settings on the console and, of course, the new Xbox LIVE dashboard!

(Of course, they’re also quick to point out that not all of these fabulous features will be available in all Xbox LIVE regions. You’ll need a Netflix subscription to use that, for instance – and your ISP will need to support ESPN 3. On top of that, there’s a handful of things that will require an Xbox LIVE Gold Account, too. But if you tick all those boxes, you’re set!)

Xbox Live

New and improved!

So. How do you get in on the deal? Firstly, you’ll need to head to the Microsoft Connect site (using that link), and sign in with your Windows LIVE ID that is connected to your Xbox LIVE Gamertag. Then, you’ll get to answer a survey, and the website will let you know immediately if you’ve been accepted. Woo!

The good Major has also presented us with a few important points to keep in mind:

  • We’re looking for multiple thousands of participants, so your chances of making it in are good.
  • This is not for Kinect. You will not be receiving a Kinect sensor if you are chosen to participate.
  • This opportunity is open to all Xbox LIVE Members in regions where Xbox LIVE is available.
  • To avoid any problems, read the survey carefully and double check all the information your provide.
  • While both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members can sign up, Priority will be given to Gold members in the selection process.
  • I’ll be sure to updated this post if the program fills up.

What are you waiting for? Sign up! …just make sure you tell us all about it, okay?

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