Take a long look at BioShock: Infinite

Prepare to be (bio)shocked: 2K Games have released a huge chunk (nearly 10 minutes) of brilliant, terrifying footage from the upcoming BioShock Infinite. This is the stuff that was previously only exhibited behind closed doors to select members of the press – but now it’s your turn to take a peek.

…oh, by the way, this clip should probably come with a motion-sickness / vertigo warning, I’m a little nauseous…

The video shows hero Booker DeWitt demonstrating some of the things that are possible in Columbia – including a pretty nifty device for hopping chair-lift cables (well, how would you describe them?). It’s interesting to note that Mr. DeWitt also features a little more character than previous BioShock protagonists, which is a nice change.

He’s a former Pinkerton agent, come to rescue Elizabeth who has been trapped in Columbia since she was a little girl. Now, the floating city is crumbling around them, and DeWitt and Elizabeth must combine their powers to help each other escape the city. Of course, that results in some pretty intense battles (both indoor and outdoor), featuring new weapons, new abilities and some dangerous (and awesome) new enemies.

Meanwhile, Irrational Games themselves have released “Ten Things You Should Know About BioShock Infinite” over the past week, which is well worth a read too, if your mind wasn’t blown enough already.

Oh, and there are some new screens for you to drool over, too. Don’t say we never get you anything.

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