Steve Wiebe reclaims Donkey Kong crown

Well well well. The official World Record for Donkey Kong has changed hands again (that’s the third time this year), with former champion Steve Wiebe clambering back into the top spot.

Steve Wiebe

Steve Wiebe and training partner

The attempt story is something right out of a movie (and we don’t mean cult documentary The King of Kong, which saw Steve as the underdog):

“Being a school teacher, I just didn’t have the time during the school year, so once school got out, I quickly set up a camera and started taping my games.

“I played at least one game a day during the summer stretch, which is about two months long. Around the 4th of July, I came down with a virus that affected my vision and balance. My mom joked that it was from too much Donkey Kong. I thought that the record might not happen this summer, but on the last day before returning to school, I was able to get that one game I was waiting for.”

Steve scored a whopping 1,064,500 points, regaining the title from Billy Mitchell – who had only reclaimed the record himself on July 31, when he scored 1,062,800 and defeated Hank Chien. Chien had, in turn, only beaten Mitchell in March of this year, holding the record for just a few short months.

As you may have suspected, this was by no means Wiebe’s first attempt – he’s tried to regain the record numerous times over the years, most of them at public events. His August 30th championship game was recorded and submitted to online scorekeepers Twin Galaxies, and – as of Monday, September 20th, 2010, Steve Wiebe is indeed the King of Kong once more.

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