LOTRO invites you to Community Therapy

The developers behind Lord of the Rings Online had to make a tough call last week. The eagerly-anticipated free-to-play launch was delayed in Europe (with no new date on offer), and since then it seems they’ve been concentrating all of their energies on appeasing their disgruntled playerbase.

Today’s offering sees the team launching their “new game”, Community Therapy.

In their own words, the game’s community liaison officers will be your “target/punch bag/stress ball”, and they’re inviting you to throw things at them. Your job is to get creative about just how you do the actual throwing: do you describe it in words? Draw a picture? Grab a screenshot? Create a video? “You can even bake a custard pie and we will administer the confectionary as requested”, they suggest.

Lord of the Rings Online

These two are discussing throwing techniques

The ten most creative (or funny) submissions will be featured on the May Contain Gamers community blog, with the creators snagging themselves a Goodie Bag from publishers Codemasters.

Want to be a part of this?
Send your submissions to lotrocompetition@codemasters.com, and make sure the subject is “Community Therapy”. Don’t forget to include your name, date of birth, country, the name to credit, and the fact you accept the terms and conditions of the competition.

Of course, if you’d prefer, there’s a forum thread that’s been set up for you – if you want to post your entries there, make sure to keep it clean and “within the boundaries of the forum rules” (and international law).

The community team are bracing themselves – you’ve got until Sunday September 26th to submit your ideas.

Lord of the Rings Online

...and so are these two.

LotRO was due to go free-to-play on September 10th, giving players the option to play the game without spending a cent, while quest packs, expansions, items and account services were to be sold a la carte from the new LotRO store. Due to the inevitable “unforeseen circumstances”, this move has been delayed… with no new date announced. We’ll keep you posted.

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