Liars and Cheats bring Stronghold to RDR

Liars and Cheats are coming to Red Dead Redemption on September 21st, and the new DLC pack will contain an all-new gameplay mode: Stronghold. It’s an adaptation of the popular “Attack and Defend” multiplayer style, and promises some of the “most exciting and strategic gameplay” we’ve seen yet in RDR.

Four maps are supported – Blackwater, Escalera, Fort Mercer and Thieves’ Landing – and up to 16 players can duke it out at once. One team (surprise, surprise) starts out on the Attack side, where they’ve got a time limit to capture a number of control points. The other team (you guessed it) are the Defending side, who must protect their ownership of each control point for as long as they can manage.

Players switch sides once the attacking team has captured all of the control points, lost their total shared lives, or simply run out of time. Whichever team captures the most points in the shortest amount of time wins the game!

Red Dead Redemption - Liars and Cheats

A quick look at Stronghold Mode

Now – in addition to the mode’s own related challenges that put bonus XP and custom multiplayer titles up for grabs, there’s another special addition to Stronghold. If you’re quick enough (and good enough) to crack the safes contained in the various maps, you’ll gain access to the all-new, devastatingly destructive Explosive Rifle. Ka-boom.

If you’d been thinking that Red Dead Redemption was pretty awesome already, stay tuned – next week promises a few surprises, along with some Liars and Cheats.

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