Weezer graces Guitar Hero on iPhone

Guitar Hero App

Guitar Hero App

The iPhone / iPod Touch version of Guitar Hero is set for a boost this morning, as Activision launch a track pack all about Weezer, timed to coincide with the band’s new album, Hurley.

New single Memories will be included, along with fan favourite (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To and classic Buddy Holly.

In case you hadn’t been paying attention, Guitar Hero for iPod/iPhone was built for the platform from the ground up, and takes full advantage of the platform’s functionality, rather than trying to force console play onto the handheld. Even more importantly, there’s a robust avatar characterisation mode, so you can personalise the game and perfect your virtual rockstar. Tap, slide, strum and whammy your way to the top as you thrash out to songs you know and love (or don’t know, or don’t love, but have to play anyway).

If you’re tempted, the game already features tunes by Queen, Rise Against, The White Stripes, Vampire Weekend and the Rolling Stones, with handy song packs available in case you don’t like the songs that come packaged with the app. The game itself is currently available in the App Store, and the new 1.1.0 update brings the game up to iOS 4, introducing multi-tasking.

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