Minecraft developer "crying" over PayPal

Minecraft developer Notch should, by rights, be rolling in cash right now. He’s just announced that he will be starting up a proper company, but it seems the proverbial spanner is well and truly lodged somewhere uncomfortable.

Y’see, Minecraft is a bit popular. Actually, it’s really popular, and it became really popular really quickly, so young Notch’s PayPal account experienced a rapid influx of deposits as people snapped up copies of the game.



…and now, due to “a suspicious withdrawal or deposit” – quite likely this influx of cash (to the tune of more than 600,000 euro) – Paypal have limited Notch’s account, and asked him for a “bunch of vague documents” (his wording, not theirs). He’s sent them his best efforts at what they asked for, and called the company several times to chase it up: Paypal report the situation is “being reviewed” and may take up to two more weeks before a resolution is released.

Even worse? If they decide that “something bad” has been going on, they’re going to keep the money.

The money was earmarked to be invested in Notch’s new company – so we’re guessing he’s understating things as being “kind of frustrating”.

Fingers crossed that this can all be sorted out sooner rather than later – and that Notch gets his hard-earned money. I’m not sure what the refund policy is like when PayPal confiscates your hard-earned cash…

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