Michelle Obama: Dance Dance Revolution addict?

While her husband is off ruling the country, First Lady Michelle Obama is fighting the battle against childhood obesity – and suggests that videogames might be part of the solution, rather than the problem. (Certain videogames, anyway!)

Mrs. Obama was at the annual winter meeting of the National Governors Association, and she explained her position clearly:

“There’s no place for politics when it comes to fighting childhood obesity.

“…with a phone call or the stroke of a pen, you can determine whether a child can see a doctor or get a decent education or have a safe place to play, because you all are fighting the real battles every day on behalf of our kids, and you don’t have time for the fake battles.”

Dance Dance Revolution

This is not the Commander in Chief.

The first lady acknowledged the efforts of several states to combat the problem – and encouraged the governors to use their imaginations when it comes to helping kids get healthy. West Virginia came up in conversation, thanks to their slightly unorthodox approach: Dance Dance Revolution, which she describes as a “new video game that gets kids up and moving”.

“And let me tell you, I can attest to Dance, Dance Revolution. We got it at Camp David, and it will make you sweat. And it is addictive in a very good way!”

While it sounds like Michelle and the kids are getting in on the action, we hear that this is one family activity that Dad will be sitting out, with Mrs. Obama chuckling, “The president still can’t do it.”


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