StarCraft II predicts the Burning Tide

Up for a bit of mid-week StarCraft II? How about trying out Blizzard‘s brand new map: Burning Tide?
[img_big]center,2,2010-09-08/BurningTide-4857609_n.jpg,Pretty, ain’t it![/img_big]

The goal of this one is greed – fans of the single-player campaign mission “Devil’s Playground” might find the 3v3 map a little familiar, as it borrows a number of thematic points. The first team to reach the specific resource total wins the match – so it’s up to you to not only work together and safeguard your own vulnerable forces, but to manage your strategies against the enemy.

Burning Tide is playable right now: you can find it in the custom games list next time you play StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. While you’re waiting for it to load, we’ve got a few screenshots for you to peruse, also.

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