StarCraft II SEA/ANZ Invitational Details

StarCraft II‘s ranking system isn’t just set up to help with match-making – it’s also been used to pick the 16 best players in the Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand region (SEA/ANZ), who have now been asked to take part in the first ever StarCraft II SEA/ANZ Invitational Tournament.

[img_big]center,2,2010-05-29/ss7-hires.jpg,Expect a lot of this…[/img_big]

While there’s a slight dominance by the Aussies, these gamers have been picked from all over the place – here’s the list, in alphabetical order:

Race Player Country
Zerg AlwaysYou AU
Protoss Azz AU
Protoss cobo MY
Protoss Fenneth AU
Zerg fpx AU
Zerg GLaDe AU
Zerg ice SG
Protoss indy TH
Terran KJH AU
Protoss Kowi NZ
Protoss Legionnaire AU
Protoss nirvAnA SG
Terran OxygeN SG
Terran RedArchon TH
Protoss Renson MY
Protoss Roz HK

Gamers will play against each other at StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, on a map chosen randomly from a pool of nine: Blistering Sands, Desert Oasis, Scrap Station, Steppes of War, Xel’Naga Caverns, Kulas Ravine, Lost Temple, Metalopolis and Delta Quadrant.

The games themselves will be online, on SEA servers. Currently, they’re tentatively scheduled for September 10-12, but that’s subject to change.

September 10, 2010 (Fri) – 1930 to 2230
Round 1 to Round 2, Lower Bracket Round 1

September 11, 2010 (Sat) – 1300 to 1730
Round 3, Lower Bracket Round 2-4

September 12, 2010 (Sun) – 1300 to 1830
Final Four

(All times are GMT +8.)

So – what’s at stake? The participants in the Invitational will have the chance to win cash prizes! Third place is US$1,000, second is US$2,000 and – wait for it – the first place prize is US$3,000.

If you want to watch the matches – Blizzard have put the call out for members of the community to provide streaming and live commentary for the event – at this stage we haven’t heard back on whether they’ve found someone. They do promise, however, that replays will be available for download after the conclusion of the tournament, so you can watch, dissect and analyse to your heart’s content.

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