Here, have a Swarm trailer!

Hothead Games never were very good at waiting. They were the sort of kid who’d shake all of their Christmas presents to try and work out what was inside from the moment they were put under the tree.

Right now though, that works in our favour – the brand new trailer for Swarm was expected to debut at PAX, but the devs have decided to share it with us right now.

Swarm is an action platformer like no other. Players control a herd of fifty daft, pudgy and utterly fearless Swarmites, driving them through an intense and often suicidal gauntlet of death and destruction. The game features innovative mass character control, fast-paced action and comic mayhem, offering players a unique experience that will keep them playing again and again.

…so, what do you think? Am I the only one reminded of a slightly Lemming-like Berk?

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