Telltale Games want you to play cards with them

Telltale Games have kept us on a knife edge all week, wondering just what their next big thing would be. Today’s the day of the big reveal, and we’ve discovered they’re working on …a poker game?

Poker Night at the Inventory promises to be a “different kind of poker”, set in a very different kind of club. For that matter, you’ve got a very different bunch of characters sitting around your table, too:

Tycho, from Penny Arcade

The Heavy from Team Fortress 2

Strong Bad from Homestar Runner

Max, hyperkinetic “rabbity-thing”

Not unexpectedly, the fun in this game is apparently when things aren’t going the way the characters might like it to.

Personally, I cannot remember the last time I played poker, and I really hope they have a good help system to explain just what a “flop” is. That aside, Poker Night at the Inventory could be interesting, especially if a few like-minded individuals can sit down for a quick multiplayer match whether or not they’re in the same room.

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