Set your watches for a Bloody Good Time

Outerlight have just revealed their follow-up to The Ship – an all-new IP: Bloody Good Time (we can’t believe that name wasn’t already taken either). Currently being developed using the Source engine, Bloody Good Time will be launched on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam, a little later this year.

And I, for one, am very excited. Promising a “new and irreverent approach to multiplayer shooters”, Bloody Good Time puts players on a Hollywood set, and gets them to choose their own thrills. Horrifying Vegas hotel? Spring break beach house? A busy casino? Anybody can star in a scary Hollywood blockbuster film – and this is your chance at the big time… as long as you deal with the competition.

Up to eight players can duke it out through online multiplayer, where gamers are rewarded for being as devious as possible when dispatching your opponents. A veritable treasure trove of weapons is at your fingertips with 21 to choose from – the inevitable gun is joined by a frying pan and… an exploding, remote-controlled rat!

Bloody Good Time - Character Lineup

There are eight stereotypical characters to choose from.

Four game modes keep it interesting:

  • Hunt: hunt down and kill your quarry, but look out for the unknown hunter that is stalking you.
  • Elimination: murder your way through the cast one quarry at a time to be crowned the last man standing.
  • Revenge: Each murder earns you a new quarry, but adds to the list of players out for violent revenge. Watch your back.
  • Death Match: Everyone is a target, no rule here.

Originally known as both Hollywood Murder Party and The Ship 2, Bloody Good Time looks like it’ll be something a bit special. Can’t wait!

(Till then, though – check out the screenshots we’ve tucked away in our media section!)

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