Aussie gamer loses PS3 court case

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 - now useless as a computer.

An Australian man who took Sony to court over the company’s decision to remove “Install Other OS” from the PS3 console has lost.

Gamer Michael Trebilcock had asked for AU$800 in compensation (the cost to rent a laptop for each day he was unable to use Linux on his PS3, plus fees), with a claim that the updated console could no longer be used as a computer. He explains that he believed a warning about the update, downloaded on April 1st, was just an April Fool’s joke.

“One of the reasons I bought (the PS3) was for this feature – it allowed you to use the PS3 as a computer, not just a games console.

“You could attach printers to it and print documents, you could use Messenger and Firefox web browsing.

“But (Sony) decided that particular part of the system, which they had marketed as one of the reasons for buying it, was posing a security risk, and removed it.”

He’s not alone in his quest – gamers across the US have launched class actions against the company over the same issue.

Unfortunately for Trebilcock, the Magistrates court heard that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission cleared Sony of any wrongdoing regarding the upgrade, and the claim was dismissed. Mr. Trebilcock was not made to pay Sony‘s legal costs.

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