StarCraft II comes to the iPhone, kinda

StarCraft Gameboard

StarCraft Gameboard interface

Well, um. It seems all the fuss over those system requirements for StarCraft II may have been in vain, as pesky indie developers have just uncovered a way that you can control the game – from your iPhone.

Sure, StarCraft Gameboard doesn’t exactly offer amazing precision techniques, but it’s a nifty little gimmick, a bit like a game control pad. The app offers mini-map control, detailed unit stats and easy touch access to some of the game’s most important macros and hotkeys, and it runs by syncing up with a program running on your PC. (Useful for checking in while you’re away from your keyboard, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Plus, it comes with a handy StarCraft II unit encyclopaedia, as well as tips on useful build orders.

StarCraft Gameboard

...and it runs on an iPad, as well!

Due for release in September 2010, we’re looking forward to seeing whether or not StarCraft Gameboard sees the light of day. The devs obviously anticipate potential problems, explaining all over their site that they are not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. They also promise that it is “not a hack”, and that the app works “almost as another keyboard”, rather than anything nasty that breaches Blizzard‘s rules. Fingers crossed!

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