AMD retires ATI branding, sticks with Radeon

Hardware geeks, prepare yourselves – change is at hand. The world of video cards as we know it is about to be upended, as AMD confirms their intentions to retire the ATI brand name. You’d better get used to the idea, this change is coming soon – the next wave of cards to be released later this year will be under the new “AMD Radeon” branding.

Since AMD acquired ATI, back in 2006 (yes, that long ago), their Radeon-brand cards have grown in popularity, to the point where the company believes that consumers identify strongly enough with “Radeon” for “ATI” to be unnecessary. (Of course, removing the extra branding competition means that AMD as a company will grow stronger in the graphics marketplace, a handy bonus.)

AMD-ATI Research

Research from AMD/ATI

Another driving factor is the plans for AMD to release products featuring their microprocessor technology alongside Radeon graphics technology – on the same chip! This “Fusion” initiative is currently in testing, with the first results expected soon: a low-power “Ontario” design later this year, and a more powerful “Llano” scheduled for early next year.

So, the graphics wars come down to two major players, AMD and NVIDIA – and in the last quarter, AMD came out on top in terms of discrete graphics shipments.

AMD-ATI Rebrand

Old branding vs. New branding

For more information, head to TechReport – and take a moment to vote in their poll. Right now, most people (47%) seem to be of the opinion that “Eh, whatever”, but opinions are pretty evenly split between those who do care.

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