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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
[surl=]Record of Agarest War 2 media[/surl] “ups the naughtiness”.
[surl=]Company of Heroes Online trailer[/surl] fights for the allies.
[surl=]Shattered Horizon trailer[/surl] comes with the retail release.
[surl=]Quantum Theory screens[/surl] are there to remind you.
[surl=]Medal of Honor trailer[/surl] gets a massive killstreak.

For a good cause: Gamers for Charity
[surl=]Hudson’s Lost in Shadow partners with Child’s Play[/surl], rewards Facebook Likes.

Analyse this: They look at the industry
[surl=]Mafia II ‘unlikely’ to be profitable[/surl], says Pachter.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
[surl=]How to change an NES cartridge battery[/surl] …now you know.
[surl=]Gamasutra hits 1 million monthly readers[/surl], adds Parkin, Morris and Orland as editors.
[surl=]Game school DigiPen moves[/surl] and their new spot is pretty spiffy.

A Legal Matter: Gamers in court
[surl=]FTC reaches a settlement over fraudulent iPhone game reviews[/surl].
[surl=]EA return fire at Edge Games[/surl], say it’s deceiving the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
[surl=]Grow Valley has been released[/surl], there goes all my spare time.
[surl=]Howard Glitch[/surl]: YouTube as a point and click adventure.
[surl=]Worms developer steps back from third-party publishers[/surl], and will publish their own games – as well as other indies.
[surl=]Orfeo[/surl] is a freeware game pick from Roberto Dillon.
[surl=]Seasons[/surl] isn’t technically a game, but…
[surl=]Battlezone II patch 1.3 Public Beta 6[/surl] has been released – and it’s both official and unofficial.
[surl=]Xbox Live Indie Games Releases[/surl]: August 29, 2010.

In Development: Games in progress
[surl=]Pre-order Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition[/surl], you could win a 6-foot zombie.
[surl=]Golden Sun: Dark Dawn gets release date[/surl] and some story details.
[surl=]Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition[/surl] is pretty darn shiny.
[surl=]The game’s also getting hardcover Collector’s Edition Prima guide[/surl], mmm.
[surl=–182730.phtml]EA has registered[/surl], and TheSims5, and TheSims6, and…
[surl=]Dead State: Doublebear’s new ZRPG[/surl] (the z stands for zombies, y’know).
[surl=]Borderlands Game of the Year edition[/surl] finally confirmed.
[surl=]Monday Night Combat update, DLC and statues[/surl] on the way!
[surl=]Space Invaders: Infinity Gene coming next month[/surl] to XBLA, PSN.
[surl=]Japanese Yakuza PSP demo available now[/surl] – and here’s how to access it.

Not just for calls: iPhone updates, games and releases
[surl=]Free app of the day: Ghosts Attack[/surl]

Console yourselves: PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii
[surl=]Xbox Live subscription charges to increase[/surl], in Canada, Mexico, the UK and the US.
[surl=]North America DSi Price Drop[/surl], sorry rest-of-the-world.
[surl=]New Xbox 360 controller coming[/surl] – the much-maligned D-pad in for a makeover.

In good company: Business news
[surl=]Atlus is merging with mobile developer[/surl] Index Holdings.

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
[surl=]World of Warcraft to be patched to remove PowerPC support[/surl], boo.

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
[surl=]Microsoft are still dedicated to the hardcore gamer[/surl], with at least one title aimed at GPU / CPU upgraders.
[surl=]Criterion worked on a remake of Skate or Die[/surl], and pitched Need for Speed: Split Second.

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
[surl=]Dead Rising 2’s Chuck Green toy[/surl], available at PAX.
[surl=]Servbot Bobble Budd review[/surl], in case you were curious.

Cheap Thrills: Games that won’t hurt your wallet
[surl=]Discounted Xbox Live subscription cards[/surl] from a bunch of US retailers.

Mark your calendars: Events, announcements…
[surl=]You’re invited to a taping of a God of War documentary[/surl] in Los Angeles.
[surl=]PAX will get a Hunted presentation[/surl] from Bethesda.

[surl=]Are these the Fallout: New Vegas achievements?[/surl]

[surl=]Dead Rising 2: Case Zero[/surl], but only in Japan.

[surl=]Counter-Strike: Source[/surl]
[surl=]Steam client[/surl]


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