EA MMA game banned due to energy drink ads

We’ve heard of games being banned due to the inclusion of drugs, or the inclusion of graphic blood – but what about due to the inclusion of energy drinks?

Strange as it seems, it’s actually happened: EA have just announced that they will not be releasing EA Sports MMA in Denmark, due to the inclusion of in-game advertising of energy drinks.

You see, Scandinavian law prohibits the Danes from advertising energy drinks such as Rockstar – and it seems this ban extends into the virtual world as well as the real one.

While they could simply rebrand some of the in-game content, EA argue that they are dedicated to providing an authentic MMA experience, and are simply axing the game in that country.

“We are adhering to laws in Denmark that restrict the use of energy drink product placement in-game, and therefore are not shipping EA SPORTS MMA in that region. Our game authentically recreates the sport of MMA in every facet, including energy drink in-game sponsorships on fighter shorts, gear, and in fight venues.”

EA Sports MMA

Referring, of course, to the tasteful mat and barrier protection.

We’re not entirely sure how big the gaming population of Denmark actually is, or how many of those gamers are into mixed martial arts cage fighting, so it’s not immediately obvious how much EA are losing out, here. Good on them for standing their ground, and our apologies to the Danes who are missing out on digital versions of Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock and Kevin Randleman when EA Sports MMA is released elsewhere.

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