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We scour the net for the Daily Stash, our daily roundup of game bits and pieces. Click through for more about:

Looking good: Screenshots and new media
[surl=]Rockman Online trailer[/surl] is an epic tease.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
[surl=]Can you play Modern Warfare 2 without killing anyone?[/surl] – more to the point, can you get to L70?
[surl=]Lost Nintendo games[/surl] – that’s not a tv show reference, btw.
[surl=]The email Microsoft is sending Halo: Reach pirates[/surl] – playing any unauthorised game risks a permaban.
[surl=]Target to launch used game trade-in service[/surl], will be in 850 US stores by the end of 2010.

Hardware: Stuff to play games on
[surl=]Jedi Mouse company sued by George Lucas[/surl] (you’d think they’d have seen it coming).
[surl=]AMD has released new Catalyst drivers (v10.8) for Radeon cards[/surl], including official anti-aliasing support for StarCraft.

A Legal Matter: Gamers in court
[surl=]Take-Two fails to acquire[/surl] from the current owner.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
[surl=]Browser Game Pick: Up Down Ready[/surl] (by Sword Lady and the Viking)
[surl=]I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 sells 308K copies[/surl], infects the Rock Band Network.

In Development: Games in progress
[surl=]DSiWare Guilty Gear Gaiden is not a fighting game[/surl], but it looks fun regardless.
[surl=]Doctor Who comes to Nintendo[/surl] – finally!
[surl=]PopCap register Vacation Quest trademark[/surl], we wonder if this is news.
[surl=]R.U.S.E. PC demo out now[/surl] on Steam.
[surl=]Dead State is a ZRPG from DoubleBear[/surl] (Obsidian / Troika vets) – the Z stands for zombies, duh.
[surl=]Dungeon Defenders coming to consoles[/surl], Castle Crashers meets Defense of the Ancients.

Not just for calls: mobile gaming updates
[surl=]Gameloft HD games[/surl] are highly recommended for Android users.
[surl=–182339.phtml]Free app of the Day: Fastar![/surl] …it should hook you for more than 5 minutes.

Console yourselves: PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii
[surl=]Could Trophies be coming to the PSP?[/surl]
[surl=]Kinect / Move won’t extend the 360 / PS3 lifespan[/surl], says Ubisoft.
[surl=]Toshiba joins Nintendo in making glasses-free 3D displays[/surl].

In good company: Business news
[surl=]Ex-APB devs take shots at Realtime Worlds[/surl] (yeah. Kick ’em when they’re down.)

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
[surl=]APB has 130k registered players[/surl], high average playtime and revenue per user.
[surl=]Champions Online reveal their celebration plans[/surl] – it’s nearly been a year since launch!
[surl=]The Bible Online is asking for beta signups[/surl] and looks a bit …potentially offensive.
[surl=]Guild Wars 2 – the Necromancer is revealed[/surl] – bigger, badder and deadlier.
[surl=]Final Fantasy XI’s new abilities[/surl] get a quick preview.
[surl=]Final Fantasy XIV fatigue format[/surl] finally put forward.

Politically speaking: Gamers are grownups, too!
[surl=]Sony may remove flags from GT5[/surl], as more Italians get upset.

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
[surl=]THQ continue to work on Metro 2033 DLC achievement issue[/surl], and ask for your patience.
[surl=]Hiroyuki chats about Sengoku Basara[/surl] and his inspiration, among other things.
[surl=]PC Gamer advises you “stay well away” from Elemental[/surl] …
[surl=]Stardock CEO responds to these statements[/surl], explaining the Day Zero patch.
[surl=]EA is “highly confident” about Respawn’s first game[/surl] – let’s see if they deliver.

Art in games: Real paintings, sometimes.
[surl=]Mario meets the Shining[/surl] …hehehehehehe.

Downloadable Content: Fix it later
[surl=]Snoopy Flying Ace gets Suppertime of Destruction[/surl].


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