Man vs. Wild vs. Video game: Bear offers advice

Bear Grylls is a bit of an awesome bloke. He knows all about how to survive in nature when you’re stuck in unusual and unpleasant situations – but what does he know about gaming?

Perhaps unsurprisingly: Not much.
While he’s exactly the sort of guy you’d want on-hand when your plane crashes or your casual hike ventures into avalanche country, he might not be the guy you call when you need a fourth for a bit of co-op.

We’re not quite sure what this means for the upcoming Man vs. Wild video game, currently in development. Kinda hoping Mr. Grylls hasn’t had too much to do with the actual gaming side of things – but who knows?

Details on Man vs. Wild: The video game are still fairly slim, but we did get our hands on a trailer, to give you a fair idea of what you’re in for.

…incidentally, it goes without saying that you’d probably be advised to ignore all of Bear’s gaming advice. But you knew that, right?

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