Tap Tap – it's a new Astroboy game!

Continuing a theme, Astroboy is all set to arrive on the iPhone, with the impending release of Astroboy Tap Tap Rush, a collaboration between Tezuka Productions, Widefos and Korean company SJgames.

The new side-scroller is being developed to tie in with the 60th anniversary of the character (no, really) in 2011, and it honestly looks surprisingly good.

Designed specifically for the iOS platform, Astroboy Tap Tap Rush will feature a whole bunch of characters from the comic book and the original animation – and they’ve already promised “frequent” updates to the story after release. Professor Ochanomizu (Doctor Elefun) and Higeoyaji (Daddy Walrus) will also appear.

Astroboy Tap Tap Rush will be released in Japan and Korea first, with North America, Europe and other regions following. I, for one, can’t wait.

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