Angry Birds catapulted towards the silver screen?

It’s one thing to have it on your phone, but would you go see Angry Birds in a cinema? The blockbuster iPhone game is currently in talks to become a blockbuster Hollywood movie, with Finnish developers Rovio allegedly being courted by potential buyers.

Originally funded by a single investment round from a “business angel”, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed has recently explained that the company will “very likely” take further investment, and he’s even had to fend off businesses wanting to buy the company outright!

If Mikael has his way, Angry Birds, which has already topped the App Store charts in more than 60 countries, would be turned into a “fully-fledged entertainment brand”, much like the characters from Pixar films’ Toy Story.

An idea of what goes on inside his head can be seen in the game’s cinematic trailer, which has already been viewed more than 5 million times:

Mikael explains that Rovio has held discussions with “major studios” but have not agreed to any deals yet, despite investors “banging on our door”.

It’s pretty easy to see that Angry Birds has transformed the developer, which still only has 23 employees. The free version of the game has been downloaded 11 million times, worldwide, with 6.5 million gamers upgrading to the US$0.99 version with extra features. Through their deal with Apple, Rovio gets 70% of the proceeds. That’s not enough for Mikael though, who explains the company is aiming for “100 million” Angry Birds downloads. By that stage, it looks like they’d be able to make the movie themselves!

Don’t have an iPhone? A Palm version of Angry Birds is due to launch next week, with an Android copy following soon after. You have no excuse.

Thanks to Reuters.

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