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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
[surl=]Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 introduces Dormammu and Viewtiful Joe[/surl] with a bunch of screens and artwork.
[surl=]Bad Company 2 DLC trailer[/surl] shows off new battlefields.
[surl=]Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III[/surl] is confirmed, with a trailer.
[surl=]Torchlight 2 trailer[/surl] gives us a good look at multiplayer.
[surl=]DC Universe Online trailer[/surl]: Savior or Destroyer?
[surl=]Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer[/surl] beats the competition. To a pulp.
[surl=]Metroid: Other M screens[/surl] show Samus “tussling” with aliens.
[surl=]F1 2010 trailer[/surl] is surprisingly mellow.
[surl=]Resistance 3 trailer[/surl] features Bob Dylan, oddly enough.

GamesCom 2010: It’s like E3, but in Europe!
[surl=]Peter Moore says no 3D, Move or Kinect for FIFA[/surl] – bucking the trend, somewhat.
[surl=]No More Heroes PS3 is getting ready to Move[/surl], say Konami.
[surl=]Mass Effect 2 for PS3[/surl], promising ‘seamless’ story transition.
[surl=]Might & Magic Heroes IV is announced[/surl], with a title reshuffle.
[surl=]Windows Phone 7 launch lineup[/surl] includes a bunch of iPhone ports.
[surl=]Ubisoft’s new Michael Jackson game will use Kinect[/surl], like you’re surprised.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
[surl=]Rapid discounting of Madden NFL 11 raises eyebrows[/surl] – anyone say Fire Sale?
[surl=]David Beckham is the Game Ambassador for EA Sports Active 2[/surl] – who else would you like to see?

Hardware: Stuff to play games on
[surl=,razer-makes-a-noise-at-gamescom.aspx]Razer unveil the Blackwidow mechanical keyboard[/surl], sure to make a noise in the industry.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
[surl=]Gratuitous Space Battles will get a full campaign[/surl] in an upcoming add-on.
[surl=]Limbo devs talk design philosophy[/surl] and announce some sales figures.
[surl=]Whale of Noise gets cacophonous[/surl], but is only 5mins long.
[surl=]Xbox Indie review roundup[/surl] – 8/18/2010 is an interesting project.
[surl=]Lumi is the award-winning Xbox Live indie game[/surl], and it’s totally worth playing if you can.

In Development: Games in progress
[surl=]MAG will Move, soon[/surl] – which explains that new beta they’re launching.
[surl=]Catherine is not Persona 5[/surl], but still looks interesting.
[surl=]NHL 11 Demo live on PSN[/surl] featuring classic controls and two playmodes.
[surl=]Gran Turismo 5 gets kart racing[/surl] and a course creator.
[surl=]Portal 2 is coming in Februrary[/surl], with the vocal talents of Stephen Merchant.

Console yourselves: PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii
[surl=]Xbox Live avatars will get more realistic[/surl] so they work better with Kinect.
[surl=]Australia to gain catch-up TV service via PS3[/surl], with Yahoo!7 signing up.

In good company: Business news
[surl=]Realtime Worlds staff reduced by 75%[/surl], buyers are circling.
[surl=]UK game industry group TIGA response to the RTW situation[/surl], says it’s “terrible news”.

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
[surl=]EverQuest II gets a UI tweak[/surl] as the extended beta kicks off.
[surl=]Jagged Alliance returns as an MMO[/surl], a shadow of its former self.

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
[surl=]Suda 51 working on a space shooter[/surl] for XBLA / PSN.
[surl=]”Ken Levine lied to me about BioShock Infinite”[/surl], and we’re kinda glad he did.

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
[surl=]Another Final Fantasy crystal orb[/surl], this one for US$250,000.
[surl=]Cross stitch iPod covers[/surl] are even cooler than you’d expect.

[surl=]Final Fantasy XIV for 360[/surl] – it’s just been “paused”.


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