Blizzard to allow StarCraft II name changes

Blizzard made a few changes when they decided how they would let gamers name their characters in StarCraft II. Unfortunately, the gamers themselves seem to have not been paying attention for that particular lesson, and there’s a bunch of people with character names that “don’t represent their usual multiplayer nicknames”.

So! Because they’re nice guys (no, really), Blizzard are giving everybody a chance to change their chosen StarCraft II character name – for free.

StarCraft II

Made a mistake here? You'll soon be able to fix it!

…you can’t do it just yet, but you will be able to soon, they promise, explaining that:

It’s important to us that everyone is represented by a name of their choosing in their multiplayer games, ladders, and on the forums and community site.

But wait – that’s not all! In addition to this initial name change (which is free), they’re planning to launch a character name change service (which is not free). This will be similar to the service for World of Warcraft, where you pony up some cash and buy additional character name changes as your mood dictates.

All of this is hypothetical at this point, with no expected rollout date or any more details on how it’ll work – so stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

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