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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
[surl=]Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 dev video[/surl] focusses on the story.
[surl=]Williams Pinball Classics trailer[/surl] features 13 of the most popular Williams pinball machines of all time.
[surl=]Elemental: War of Magic videos[/surl] include a new trailer and the game’s intro.

GamesCom 2010: It’s like E3, but in Europe!
[surl=]DICE are promising “something great”[/surl] for people this year.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
[surl=]The mystery of the $1250 Halo: Reach has been solved[/surl], and it’s really not that good a story.
[surl=]Mega Man’s lost robot master: Bond Man[/surl]. (Man, Bond Man.)
[surl=]The Speed Gamers tackle gulf restoration[/surl] in their upcoming marathon.
[surl=]Instant Action CEO says retailers are “parasites and thieves”[/surl], which is charming.
[surl=]Games Journalism and the “No Cheering in the Press Bos” rule[/surl], by GamePro’s AJ Glasser.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
[surl=]DOTA All Stars developers are concerned[/surl] over Valve’s trademark registration.
[surl=]Nudo[/surl] is freeware, includes blocks.

In Development: Games in progress
[surl=]DICE are helping to reboot Hot Pursuit[/surl], assisting in the design of the gameworld.
[surl=]Doom 4 headed for simultaneous console/PC launch[/surl], if Todd Hollenshead has his way.
[surl=]Toy Story 3 Hybrid Premium Edition[/surl] contains PS3 game and the original movie.
[surl=]Red Faction: Battlegrounds is officially outed[/surl], and it’s not for handhelds.
[surl=]Pre-order Brink, get stuff from Fallout or Doom[/surl] – in-game tattoos, skins, shirts, bandanas…

Not just for calls: iPhone updates, games and releases
[surl=]PSP ad mocks iPhone gaming[/surl], promotes older games.

In good company: Business news
[surl=]Sledgehammer Games is hiring[/surl] – wanna work on Call of Duty?
[surl=]Bill Roper leaves Cryptic Studios[/surl], but no word on where he’s off to.
[surl=]NBA 2K11 developer hit by layoffs[/surl], Visual Concepts cutting between 30 and 40 positions.

Comedic Value: Laughter is the best medicine, etc
[surl=]Mega Man gets equipped with …Elton John?[/surl]

Tuneful: Rock Band / Guitar Hero DLC
[surl=]Rock Band 3 gets 10 more songs[/surl] – Roxette, Slipknot, Bob Marley, Rammstein!

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
[surl=]Star Wars Galaxies puts up notes from Fan Faire[/surl], outlining everything planned for the game’s near future.
[surl=]EVE devblog series planned[/surl] to address CCP’s lag-busting efforts.
[surl=]Rift: Planes of Telara announce Sentinel Soul[/surl], enabling players to be defensive clerics.
[surl=]EverQuest 2 gets free-to-play beta[/surl] this week.
[surl=]Guild Wars: Back to Basics[/surl], in case you wanted to see what all the fuss is about.

Politically speaking: Gamers are grownups, too!
[surl=]National Youth Rights Association prepares Amicus Brief for Schwarzenegger Case[/surl], wants your help.

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
[surl=]Baldur’s Gate was originally an MMO[/surl], but Interplay suggested that was a bit ambitious.
[surl=]David Cage is sad about the lack of Heavy Rain DLC[/surl], but says the decision makes sense.
[surl=]Metroid: Other M is the ‘perfect Metroid experience'[/surl], says Sakamoto (he should know).
[surl=]id promise that Rage will have DLC[/surl], when it’s eventually released.
[surl=]X-Com creator working on a 3DS launch game[/surl] – a turn-based, tactical number.
[surl=]2K Marin chat about XCOM’s cross-oceanic development[/surl], and explains how it works.
[surl=]Bethesda get (slightly) less mysterious[/surl] about their next projects.
[surl=]Why is the protagonist of Ghost Trick a ghost?[/surl] …Shu Takumi explains.

A little light reading: Books about games or the industry
[surl=]Jeff Green is writing Blizzard’s 20th anniversary book[/surl] (that’s the former and Games for Windows Magazine editor-in-chief).

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
[surl=]A whole video shop![/surl]

Cheap Thrills: Games that won’t hurt your wallet
[surl=]Oddworld games permanently marked down to US$5.99[/surl] on GoG.

[surl=]Is a Mortal Kombat Collection in the works?[/surl]

[surl=]Gun Loco[/surl] for the Xbox 360.
[surl=]Instant Jam[/surl], a music game that uses your own MP3s to generate a track list.
[surl=]Lost Planet 2 for PC[/surl], due October 15th.


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