Blizzard win $88m private WoW server lawsuit

Do you run a private WoW server? You might want to be careful – the California District Court has just ruled that Scapegaming has lost its lawsuit against Blizzard, meaning they’ll have to pay the publisher a whopping US$88,594,589.

Alyson Reeves’ Scapegaming was running ran private WoW servers (including a microtransactions market!) until they were sued for copyright violation in October 2009.

World of Warcraft

As everybody knows, private servers directly violate the license limitations of the WoW end-user license agreement (EULA), and Blizzard interprets that as copyright infringement. They’ve also recently announced that creating the software required to set up a private server is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish – and a copyright infringement of its own (see the “Bnetd” case for details).

In Alyson’s case, she’ll have to pay back US$63,600 of attorney’s fees, US$3,053,339 in “inappropriate profits” and US$85,478,600 for statutory damages as the court found the infringement was willful and commercially-based.

No word at this point on how much Scapegaming will actually be forced to pay back, but they are permitted to appeal the amount.

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