Realtime Worlds slashes jobs, kills MyWorld?

Realtime Worlds

Gone, as we once knew it.

The Scottish gaming industry is rocked today with rumours that APB developer Realtime Worlds has made some massive job cuts – making the entire MyWorld team redundant on Friday the 13th, no less.

Sources are reporting that:

“The MyWorld team has been completely laid off.

“As many as 60 may have gone, but there’s a rumour they may be trying to sell the team as a smaller entity. I don’t know the exact figure.”

An experiment in social networking, MyWorld was only announced on July 28th and now may not see the light of day – but it’s not the only game that’s suffering. Stories are also doing the rounds that staff of the freshly-released crime MMO APB are also facing significant cuts, with the developer potentially looking to sell the game off in its entirety.

A commenter at VG247 claimed to have the inside story:

As of 11:30 GMT Realtime Worlds have put a large proportion on their workforce on gardening leave ranging from 4-8 weeks. APB’s staff will be reduced to admin and a skeleton staff of devs and artists to keep it running and do general updates, but this looks like the end of RTW, Dundee and all those jobs for new Abertay grads.

Realtime Worlds are officially keeping tight-lipped on the topic, but the local industry is bracing itself for the worst.

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