Gorilla plays Nintendo DS, trades it for an apple

Back in my day, kids went to the zoo to check out the animals. It looks like times have changed, and kids now go to the zoo to catch up on some videogaming. It’s all well and good until the DS gets dropped… into the gorilla habitat.

That’s exactly what happened to a young boy, who visited the San Francisco Zoo last weekend. His toy was snatched up by adult female gorilla Bawang, who promptly begain trying to figure out how to use the technology – at first by herself, and later with some help from baby Hasani.

The Gorilla and the Nintendo - Spicuzza Photo A Day

This is why we can't have nice things.

It didn’t take long for keepers to notice what was happening, and for one of them to approach Bawang with a possible trade. The gorilla, frustrated by the device, was more than happy to hand it over – in exchange for a shiny red apple.

(Steve Jobs fanboys – you’re welcome.)

Images captured by Spicuzza Photo A Day and her broken camera. The San Francisco Zoo would also like to point out that “foreign objects in animal exhibits pose serious health risks”, and remind you to please respect the animals.

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