Save the Chronicles of Spellborn!

In yesterday’s Stash, we mentioned that MMO The Chronicles of Spellborn will be closing at the end of this month. MMOs close all the time, for a variety of reasons, but generally it’s a little more – shall we say – expected?
[img_big]center,56,2010-08-10/pic-497.jpg,She never saw it coming…[/img_big]

Gamer Debbilicious has written to tell us that this all started when publishers Acclaim “sold out” to Playdom, months ago. Apparently, since the business changed hands, the moderators, game admins and support team have been ignoring the gaming community – who have been trying to keep their beloved game alive by contacting all of the relevant companies. As she explains:

Acclaim did not reply to any e-mails.
Playdom replied stating they have no involvement in the game.
Spellborn NV did not reply.
Frogster directed us to their German site even after being told the correspondent was English and therefore unable to use a German site.

The most painful blow? The news about the game’s closure was not formally announced by Playdom, but by a writer, who received it by personal email. Remember, this is the company who claimed to have no involvement in the game!

Debbilicious continues, explaining that they have appealed to Playcom (again), asking them to review their decision – but (again) they are not hopeful of a reply.:

We love this game, and do not want it to end.

We think the online gaming community has a right to know about how these companies treat their players.

The players have created an online petition to keep the game online – if you play, know someone who plays, or just want to help stick up for the little guy, why not go sign it?
[img_big]center,56,2010-08-10/pic-702.jpg,Pretty, while it lasted…[/img_big]

…we have been told, however, that many gamers are already uninstalling their games, explaining that they are not going to continue playing something they know is going to die. Not really sure what message you’re sending the publishers there, folks!

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