Machinarium price slashed, thanks to pirates

It’s a common complaint, but it seems that, for some people, handing over cash for a wonderful independent game is too much to ask.

Jakub Dvorsky from Amanita Design estimates that a mere 5 to 15 per cent of gamers actually paid for their copy of point-and-click beauty Machinarium – a pretty dismal state of affairs when the game only costs US$20 to purchase in the first place.

We released the game DRM free which means it doesn’t include any anti-piracy protection, therefore the game doesn’t bother players with any serial codes or online authentication, but it’s also very easy to copy it.

If you decide to buy the game, you can be sure you’ll support directly the developers, not any big publisher or distributor.

Machinarium Pirate Amnesty

Arrrrr, me hearties!

So, Dvorsky and his band of merry men have taken an interesting approach, announcing a Pirate Amnesty sale, temporarily offering a whopping 75% discount on the title, to try and encourage people to hand over even a fraction of the game’s ticket price.

You can pick up your copy now over at their website, with the devs quick to point out that if you take advantage of this offer, they won’t immediately assume it’s because you’d downloaded an illegal copy of Machinarium earlier!

The offer runs from August 5th to 12th, so you’d better be quick – and remember this game works on PC, Mac and Linux, and there’s a free demo, so you’ve got no excuse!
…while you’re waiting for the game to download, there’s some interesting discussion unfolding over at the Machinarium blog on their announcement post. It seems you can’t keep all the people happy all the time…

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