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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
[surl=]Pokemon Black/White images[/surl] are now (hopefully) hoax-free!
[surl=]The Last Story screens[/surl] are published along with some new game details.
[surl=]Okamiden trailer[/surl] is called Hanataba, features puppies.
[surl=]Sonic Colors trailer[/surl] accompanies some box-art and a release date!

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
[surl=]The difference between zombies in Resident Evil and Dead Rising 2[/surl] – in case you didn’t already know.
[surl=]Returning NFL player plans charity to benefit video game addicts[/surl], after his own recovery.
[surl=]What a girl wants[/surl] from a video game heroine.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
[surl=]Privates is out now[/surl] and you should download it, for free!

In Development: Games in progress
[surl=]Civilization V’s system requirements revealed[/surl], doesn’t look too taxing.
[surl=]Street Fighter X Tekken will be at Gamescom[/surl], despite Capcom’s absence.
[surl=]Killzone 3 multiplayer beta[/surl] website launched!
[surl=]Fallout New Vegas pre-orders outpacing Fallout 3[/surl], which is a good sign.
[surl=]Quake Live is now officially out of beta![/surl] …and they’ve released two subscription plans to celebrate.
[surl=]Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to arrive in September[/surl], 24th in the UK, 28th in the US.

Console yourselves: PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii
[surl=]Online Safety + Microsoft Beta Programs[/surl], info straight from the horse’s mouth.
[surl=]PS3: The Drop[/surl] week of August 9, 2010.
[surl=]250GB Xbox 360 bundle outed?[/surl] – it comes with a 4GB Kinect, in Australia anyway.
[surl=]PlayStation around the web: What we read[/surl] August 8.

In good company: Business news
[surl=]Ex-Ubisoft creative director joins LucasArts[/surl], who welcome Clint Hocking as their new creative director.

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
[surl=]EverQuest Next hinted at in SOE Community address[/surl], along with the future of the franchise.
[surl=]Age of Conan: Building a Khitai PC[/surl] has some handy hints for upgrading.
[surl=]Star Wars Galaxy players get a treehouse[/surl] as an anniversary gift. Awww.
[surl=]Star Wars: The Old Republic announces more species[/surl], including Sith Purebloods!
[surl=]Dungeons & Dragons Online: Exploring (the rest of) Eberron[/surl] may come in useful.
[surl=]Guild Wars 2 understands your concern over snappy one-liners[/surl], so have introduced a sound throttling system.
[surl=]EverQuest: House of Thule[/surl] has been announced, beta starts this week!
[surl=]World of Warcraft: Cataclysm still on track for a 2010 release[/surl] – hoorah!

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
[surl=]Is there more Ratchet and Clank due before Resistance?[/surl] David Kaye explains.
[surl=]Activision are working on used market initiatives[/surl], says Thomas Tippl.
[surl=]Fumito Ueda is showing something at TGS[/surl], or so he tweets.
[surl=]Heavy Rain: Move Edition and update[/surl] to launch before Christmas.
[surl=]Peter Molyneux believes the way we develop games has got to change[/surl], and we’re not arguing.
[surl=]Activision upping their investment in Call of Duty[/surl] – it’s a good brand.
[surl=]Capcom are working on expanding their paid online services[/surl]
[surl=]Valve look at Left 4 Dead 2 mode stats[/surl], announces Gib Fest.
[surl=]Toonstruck 2 may be coming[/surl], thanks to “tremendous” fan support.

A little light reading: Books about games or the industry
[surl=]RuneScape book series in the works[/surl] from Titan Books.

Crafty: From people who are good with their hands.
[surl=]Remote control cars + wireless video = game simulator[/surl] (we’ve come full circle!)

Art in games: Real paintings, sometimes.
[surl=]Mega Man + Marvel characters = glorious 8bit superheroes[/surl]!

Sweet Tweets: News in 140ch
[surl=]The Video Games Twitter Super List[/surl], compiled by Game Informer.

Cheap Thrills: Games that won’t hurt your wallet
[surl=]Alan Wake[/surl] for less than US$30.

[surl=]Is there a new Neverwinter Nights game in the works?[/surl]
[surl=]Are HD versions of PoP and Splinter Cell trilogies hitting PS3?[/surl]
[surl=]Is this pyramid castle the first batch of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair DLC?[/surl]

[surl=]Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light X360 co-op[/surl] – to arrive with the PSN / Steam versions in September.


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