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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
[surl=]Vanquish trailer[/surl] and screens will start your weekend off with a bang!
[surl=]Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days trailers[/surl] are a matching pair.
[surl=]Def Jam Rapstar trailer[/surl] introduces the new crew: Public Enemy, NAS, DJ Khaled…

A casual affair: For the less hardcore.
[surl=]depict1[/surl] is a Browser Game Pick for the day.
[surl=]Iron Maiden transforms into flash game[/surl]: The Final Frontier.
[surl=]Cleaning House with Mama & Son[/surl] is from the same guys who brought you Bob Came In Pieces.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
[surl=]BBC’s Sherlock series adopts Heavy Rain’s art style[/surl] and doesn’t try to hide it.
[surl=]UK Top 40 data analysed[/surl], from 1996 to present-day. Who’s on top?
[surl=]Fold.It game does folding[/surl], of the SETI@home type. And it does it well.

Hardware: Stuff to play games on
[surl=]The PC Gaming Alliance says that “lots of gaming PCs” were sold in 2009[/surl]: “over two times larger than the combined Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console units”…

A Legal Matter: Gamers in court
[surl=]Former teacher acquitted of massacre threat[/surl] – when people finally twigged he was referring to a game.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
[surl=]No indie games on Kinect[/surl], for now.
[surl=]Privates is out[/surl], flapping in the breeze and attracting euphemisms.
[surl=]Indie Game Links[/surl]: Indies Selling Out.
[surl=]Under the Garden[/surl] is a Freeware Game Pick!

Not just for calls: iPhone updates, games and releases
[surl=]Trucker’s Delight: Episode 1 is Free![/surl]… today, anyway.

In good company: Business news
[surl=]Google snaps up Slide[/surl], a social gaming network and widget maker.

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
[surl=]Blizzard chats with designers of Southern Barrens[/surl] (that’s WoW Cataclysm talk).
[surl=]Final Fantasy XIV continues to explain the Making of Eorzea[/surl] with this new video.
[surl=]CCP and White Wolf hint at World of Darkness MMO[/surl], yay!
[surl=]Champions Online: Shannon Posniewski chats about development[/surl] with Ten Ton Hammer.
[surl=]Star Trek Online hosts Welcome Back weekend[/surl] for former subscribers.
[surl=]TERA lore: Castanica[/surl] exclusively on Massively.
[surl=]Mortal Online gets an exclusive guild leader forum[/surl], to keep the riff-raff out.

Politically speaking: Gamers are grownups, too!
[surl=]Aussies, listen up: I game and I vote[/surl].

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
[surl=]Call of Duty: Black Ops the ‘biggest investment'[/surl] Activision have ever made for a launch.
[surl=]Kid Icarus: Uprising – Pit will feel like a ‘new character'[/surl], says director.
[surl=]Molyneux talks some more about Milo[/surl], says the challenges extend beyond technology.

Oops. Retractions and damage control
[surl=]The next Borderlands add-on has been spoiled[/surl] (don’t read if you don’t want to know).

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
[surl=]Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming[/surl], is a fabulous assortment of prints.
[surl=]Fallout: New Vegas coasters[/surl], available with pre-orders at Kmart.
[surl=]Servbot Bobble Budd[/surl], from Capcom!
[surl=]Chrono Trigger figures[/surl] have better hair than I do.

Crafty: From people who are good with their hands.
[surl=]Real-life remote-controlled car track inspired by Wipeout[/surl] (why has nobody done this before?)

Hoorah! Good news, everybody!
[surl=]Pac-Man to be honoured in the International Video Game Hall of Fame[/surl] (hell, it’s about time!)

Art in games: Real paintings, sometimes.
[surl=]Mega Man ‘Dark Ages’ conceptual art[/surl] is jaw-dropping.

Silver Screen: Game-to-film (or vice versa)
[surl=]Guillermo del Toro is chatting game deals with THQ[/surl], it’s now been confirmed.

[surl=]True Crime: Hong Kong[/surl], pushed to 2011.


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