Classic World Tetris Championship: This weekend!

Who is the best Tetris player in the world? In just a few short days, we will know – as the Classic Tetris World Championship drops in on the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles on August 8th.

Tetris World Championship

...sounds like a new reality TV show...

Hosted by Nintendo World Championships competitor Robin Mihara, competitive players Thor Aackerlund, Daniel Anderson, Harry Hong, Jesse Kelkar, Ben Mullen, Jonas Neaubauer and Dana Wilcox will fire up the classic NES version of the game.

Terry Lee Torok will be commentating the matches – he’s the same guy who called the Nintendo World Champs twenty years ago, back in 1990 – and Twin Galaxies‘ Kelly Flewin will oversee everything and make sure it’s all above board.

The QUALIFYING ROUND will consist of 3 minute rounds of NES Tetris. Top three highest scores win seats in the semi-finals against our panel of former record-holders and champions.

The SEMI-FINALS will consist of 3 rounds of complete Tetris games starting from level 9. Round 1 will be an attempt for the most lines, and rounds 2 and 3 will be attempts for most points. Top two combined scores will meet in the finals.

The FINALS will be a head to head, best 2 out of 3 for most points starting on any level. The winner will be crowned Classic Tetris World Champion.

If you want your piece of the action – qualifying rounds start at noon, and it’s open to all paying attendees. Tickets are a mere $10 – not bad for a piece of history! (You even have the chance to make it into a documentary – The Ecstasy of Order – that is being filmed at the competition.)

So – what do you think? Are you the Tetris King? Do you have the mad skillz required to take on the legends? Better get practising and head to LA – there’s a Championship on the line!

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