Don't Touch My DS! Gamers fend off attackers

“We all want to be Superman,” says Dylan Hays. He is one of a handful of Hawaiian gamers who fought back when masked robbers burst into an internet gaming centre last week.

“I mean we’re gamers, we’ve been immersed in that culture…

“You know we’re missing something partial in our brain that says yeah this might be dangerous!”

Last Wednesday, nearly a dozen people were hanging out at the PC Gamerz internet cafe in Kaneohe, Hawaii, before two masked men walked in and started yelling at owner Devin Wolery. As he reached for the police-alerting Panic button, things got messy, as Wolery explains.

“Boom right there, jumps and punches me in the face – knocks my glasses off.”


Devin Wolery cops one in the face in the attack at PC Gamerz

The intruders hit Wolery again, before turning their attention to the gamers in the room, still happily focussed on their digital entertainment. Wolery recalls:

“They start yelling at the customers, tell them to give them their money…

“They were also making movements like they had a gun or some other kind of weapon.”

Some customers were happy enough to hand over whatever change they had, but Dylan Hays didn’t like the fact they were demanding his DS.

In a moment perhaps inspired by recent film Kick-Ass, Hays explains he “kind of just got angry” before “bull-rushing” the intruder straight out the door, and pulling off the other’s mask.

It took just minutes for the police to arrive on the scene, and not long after that, three teenagers were arrested just a block from the store. All three are aged between 17 and 18, and all are PC Gamerz customers, whose personal information was on file at the store.

In case you were wondering, Hawaiian police would like to point out that they don’t encourage behaviour like this – but the gamers explain they were just protecting their second home.

For more information – including a video of the attack! – head to

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