3 StarCraft 2, Brisbane Midnight Launch Pics

Well folks, the day is finally here! StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is being launched at the stroke of midnight in various locations around the globe, and – thanks to the wonder of time differences – gamers in Brisbane, Australia are among the first in the world to get their grubby mitts on this eagerly anticipated sequel.

We sent Punkley and Timmy to check out the festivities, and while Timmy’s got a full report on the way for us, I couldn’t wait to show you just how Brisbane likes to party (on a school night!).

A selection of Brisbanite cosplayers

Head over to our event media page for some more pictures (with more being added!), and stay tuned for some more indepth coverage of the StarCraft 2 Australian Midnight Launch. It’ll give you something pretty to look at while your game’s installing…

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