2 Games + Anime + Cosplay (oh my!)

It might not be as big as Comic-Con, but a highlight of the Australian convention calendar is Adelaide’s AVCon – and this year’s lived up to the high expectations of the masses!

Founded in 2001, the event’s been celebrated annually since 2002, as a non-for-profit project run by a dedicated bunch of volunteers. Continued popularity saw the convention shift in 2009 to the Adelaide Convention Centre – with more than 4,000 people attending that year’s event in its new home.

Cosplay: Hard Work.

I’m very pleased to report that 2010 was, simply, more of the same – more anime, more manga, more games, vendors, cosplay, popculture, art, stalls, panels and exhibitions (oh my!). We spent the day wandering around, pondering comic purchases (World of Warcraft! Gears of War! Resistance!), watching Muscle March being played on the big screen (it’s even weirder in person), avoiding being roped into SingStar performances, learning tips for travelling to Japan, cheering for the Rock Band competition and generally having a pretty grand time despite feeling like the odd-ones-out for not being in costume.

I learned a couple of things, too:
1: The “Maid Cafe” is not as sexist and bad as people made it out to be, but the food was pretty average. Pretty girls in pretty clothes (with pretty hair) don’t quite make up for the cold hot dog I was served, but the extra $2 you pay for the service goes to charity so I’m not complaining too much.

2: “Brolita” is big this year. If “crossplay” isn’t a term yet, it should be – so many boys wearing girls’ clothes… and vice versa (I saw an excellent Iron woMan made of aluminium!).

…and there was one very important lesson to be learned: Naruto is apparently pretty popular. Who knew?

For all of our pictures from the event, head over to our event media page, and admire the dedication that goes into the weekend.

AVCon continues all day tomorrow at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia, with tickets still available for AU$30.

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