Blacklight: Tango Down in Australia

Blacklight: Tango Down will not be released in Australia for the foreseeable future, with the developers explaining that the local Classification Board got in the way.

From a statement released by Ignition Entertainment:

We regret to announce that the Australian Classification Board were unable to award Blacklight: Tango Down a rating in that territory. This is due to the fact that the title requires a permanent online connection as it is an online multiplayer game. The ACB could not review and rate a title with such a requirement.

…this was all well and good, until someone clever noticed that the game had never been submitted to the Board.

[img_big]center,47,2010-07-24/BLTD_Annc_05.jpg,They don’t look happy…[/img_big]

Enter Detective Jinx – also known as the Digital Site Manager for and the Xbox LIVE Dashboard, and one of the bloggers over at InsiderX. Looks like she decided this week to make it her personal mission to get Blacklight rated – and released – in Australia.

As perhaps the most public face of Xbox Australia, Jinx has been fielding plenty of questions about Blacklight‘s future – to the point where she’s compiled them all into a handy FAQ, which makes it look like there might be a glimmer of hope out there somewhere.

An excerpt:

Why wasn’t Blacklight Tango Down released in Australia and New Zealand at the same time as the US?

Blacklight Tango Down (from here out I’m just going to call it Blacklight) was not released locally because it wasn’t rated by the COB so we couldn’t add it to our marketplace.

Why wasn’t it rated?

The developers chose not to submit Blacklight for a rating because the information they received from the classification board indicated that the game could not be rated here. This does not mean the developers are lazy, or that they don’t care about Australian gamers. Submitting a game for classification costs money, whether the game receives classification or not. Because the classification board indicated they couldn’t rate the game as-is, it didn’t make sense for the developers to pursue classification.

So what now?

Ignition has indicated that they intend to submit Blacklight for rating in Australia and New Zealand. This is a process that will likely take several weeks, so don’t count on getting the game tomorrow. If the classification board rates the game, we will be able to release it to our marketplace.

[img_big]center,47,2010-07-24/bltd_1.jpg,Shoot first, ask questions later.[/img_big]

To read the rest of Jinx’s Blacklight FAQ, head to the InsiderX blog and get informed – and, of course, stay tuned to playerattack! We’ll bring you any updates as they happen, as well as the latest from the Classifications Board.

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