StarCraft II cinematic evokes Ghosts of the Past

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is less than a week away from being released, and just when you thought you couldn’t get any more excited, Blizzard have a treat for you.

This, my friends, is two and a half minutes of drool-worthy cinematics, an epic soundtrack and a handful of plot hints, titled “Ghosts of the Past”.

The video was released as a bonus for the StarCraft II community – as a way of thanking gamers for getting enough people to sign up and Join the Dominion. It’s the third in the series, following A New Era and Uncertain Future.

We’ve seen reactions to the latest instalment popping up around the place, and most of them are the text-based equivalent to jaws hitting the ground, tears wiped from eyes, and the general consensus that Blizzard should really go into the movie business. What do you think?

(Less than a week to go!)

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