Gen Con Australia 2010: Cancelled

With the countdown timer still ticking over, and just over 68 days left to go, Gen Con Australia has been cancelled for 2010. The organisers of Brisbane’s games and entertainment convention have decided that due to the “current economic climate” and the worldwide effect it’s had, this year’s event is not able to go ahead.

Gen Con Australia

Not happening in 2010

Ian Houlihan, Events and Marketing Director of Gen Con Australia explains:

“We feel it has just been unfortunate timing that the beginning and critical years of the show coincided with the unforeseen global economic downturn, and we feel very proud to have been able to produce the show over the previous two years in such a climate.”

The team were on the brink of announcing this year’s guest list and event schedule, but explain that many companies are finding it difficult to exhibit at the ever-increasing number of events being held, and that given these circumstances they “would not be able to produce the quality event our attendees have grown to expect”.

(By the way, if you’ve bought a ticket for the show, you will be fully reimbursed as soon as possible.)

In an open letter published on their website, Gen Con Australia organisers thank the original US Gen Con LLC for allowing them to license the name in Australia, giving gamers Down Under a taste of the experience that has been running for over 40 years.

From all reports, Gen Con Australia has been a highlight of the Australian gaming event calendar, for families as well as enthusiasts, and the news will disappoint fans around the country. As Ian Houlihan comments:

“We would like to thank attendees, event coordinators, sponsors, vendors and volunteers who have thrown their support behind the Gen Con Australia show since our first show in 2008. Without their involvement and loyalty, the show would not have been possible.”

playerattack wishes everyone involved in Gen Con Australia all the best – hopefully we see you again in 2011!

(Thanks to Chucky for the heads-up!)

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