Natural Selection 2 evolves to Alpha, July 26

The Natural Selection 2 devs would like everybody to know that they’ll be releasing their Alpha on Monday July 26th. That means, if you want to play, you’ve got a bit less than 11 days to grab your copy of the Special Edition and guarantee your access.

The game’s Special Edition comes with all-black marine armour and the devs’ eternal gratitude as well as the Alpha access, and it will be completely discontinued after July 26th – so you’d better be quick!
[img_big]center,43,2010-07-15/NS2-SpecialArmor.jpg,Special Edition Black Armour[/img_big]

The Alpha promises to include:

  • One of our shipping maps (ns2_tram), plus some smaller “test” maps
  • Marine, with Rifle, Pistol, SwitchAx, Grenade Launcher (oops, and shotgun!)
  • Skulks, Gorges, Lerks and their basic movement abilities and weapons
  • Marine armory “buy” screen for purchasing new equipment
  • Alien evolution menu for choosing your lifeform and upgrades
  • Basic marine and alien commander interfaces including MACs, Drifters
  • Much of our final sounds, artwork, animations, etc.

…and it’s important to remember that this version is not the “ultimate super-fun game” the devs are striving to create – but they want it to get better, and the best way to do that is to bring in fresh eyes and new thoughts.
[img_sml]left,43,2010-07-15/NS2-SporeAttack.jpg,Spore attack![/img_sml]

The Alpha testing follows a well-trodden path from Unknown Worlds. Their earlier title, Natural Selection, enjoyed a bit of a wild ride when it was first opened to the public, with a whole bunch of changes rolled out following Day 1 testing, and the finished game subject to more than 20 version upgrades over five years.

Charlie “Flayra” Cleveland, on behalf of the Natural Selection 2 team, sums it up:

As many of you know, we’ve been working hard for many years to get to this point and we hope you join us. We wouldn’t be here without your support – nor would we want to be.

The Alpha will be launched via Steam, and we hear that someone over at Unknown Worlds has just uncovered the “Achievements” panel in SteamWorks… keep an eye out for an Alpha achievement when it kicks off!

Now, if you’d please excuse them, they’ve got some work to do.

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