Train Conductor 2 has arrived!

Rail-based transport is pretty awesome, and games based on the concept even more so. This is why The Voxel Agents fill me with so much glee – they’ve just smashed the champagne across the bow of Train Conductor 2!

Does what it says on the tin!

Does what it says on the tin!

While I’m busily mixing up my means of transportation, I’d like to remind you that we celebrated Australia Day with the original game, the ultra-addictive Train Conductor. It’s been six months, the chaps have been sweating and slaving over the touchscreen, and now they’ve returned – triumphant – with the follow-up.

This time, the game heads to the USA, and while I’m sad to see the Aussie levels disappear, the new levels and locations are truly fantastic. Rather than arbitrarily allocating designs to venues, the devs spent time researching American trains and their history, so the game features Wild West steam trains, Miami monorails and – of course – the subways of New York City.

No, it’s not a simulation – it’s a strategy game which rewards hand-eye coordination and quick thinking. The new game introduces new menu art, a simplified HUD, new train models, and varying weather effects in addition to the five new levels and two new characters.

  • Miami Beach – Control the Metromovers on skyrails (similar to monorails)
  • The Grand Canyon – Connect steam trains over the gorge; deliver the trains carrying bombs before they fall into the deep crevice!
  • New York City – Deliver subway trains on the authentic color-coded New York City lines; 1, 4, A, Q and S. Pillars between the tracks add an extra level of challenge
  • Nashville – Ghost and skull trains turn the country music capital on its head
  • Las Vegas – Sort the pink and green ghost trains before they get caught by Hector “The Fare Evader”!

As the date clicks over to July 13th, iPhone gamers around the world are able to get their hands on Train Conductor 2 – it’s a mere 99c in the US, AU$1.19 in Australia – and completely worth every penny.

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